To meet girlfriend, the person asked is the metro running?

To meet girlfriend- New Delhi: Due to Corona in the country’s capital, Delhi, the metro service, which has been closed for a month, will restart. At the same time, one person asked Delhi Metro via Twitter, which was answered in Bollywood style, which is now going very viral.

I have to go meet my girlfriend, if you don’t go there will be a breakup – the person who tweeted

In fact, the Delhi metro service has been closed for a month. At the same time, now seeing the slowdown of the second wave of Corona, it was decided to restart the metro service. During the second wave, people were forced to stay indoors. Due to the closure of the metro service, people were facing special problems.

In such a situation, a person asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation via Twitter if the metro would operate on weekends? The man said he should reply to his tweet because he has to go meet his girlfriend and if he doesn’t go he will break up.

Metro is on my friend, go live your life- DMRC

The man tagged DMRC in his tweet and asked him to respond. At the same time, this tweet caught the attention of DMRC and it not only informed the person but also responded in Bollywood style. DMRC used a GIF of actor Amrish Puri and said, “The subway is on, my friend, Ja Ji Le Apni Zindagi.”

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