Reports of getting Polio virus in Kolkata were investigated

Polio Virus: India was declared a polio-free country many years ago. Now talk of polio cases in Kolkata had put health at risk. In this regard, health experts have today brushed aside apprehensions of a new poliovirus finding in Kolkata. The official source said that the report claiming polio virus in sewage sample in Kolkata is fake. NIV Mumbai did genetic sequencing and also discussed with WHO. This can happen in any country where oral polio vaccine is administered. The last time such a VDPV was detected in Delhi was in 2018.

Experts studied the virus found in the city’s sewage and found it to be inactive. A West Bengal health department official said the polio virus found in sewage from the Metiabruz area of ​​the city is a vaccine virus and poses no threat. He said that because it is a wild virus there is nothing to worry about. The detection of the vaccine virus is not uncommon, it is quite natural.

A case of poliomyelitis was last discovered in 2011

Surveillance is carried out at various places like communal toilets, sewers in congested areas for polio virus. Recall that in Bengal, poliomyelitis was detected for the last time in 2011 in the body of a child in Howrah. After that, in 2014, the World Health Organization declared India a polio-free country. Despite the WHO announcement eight years ago, India is carrying out polio awareness programs and polio vaccination programs are being held in the country. Whether it is the Sunday vaccination program or door-to-door vaccination, the campaign against poliomyelitis continues continuously at the central and state levels.

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