Ankita Murder Case: The reason for Ankita’s death revealed in the post-mortem report

Ankita Singh Murder Case Dumka The post mortem report of minor Ankita Singh, who was burnt alive by sprinkling petrol in Dumka for rejecting a love proposal, has been received by the Dumka police. The post-mortem of Ankita’s body was done in the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (FMT) department of RIMS, Ranchi. Ankita’s post-mortem report has been sent to Dumka police from the post-mortem department of Ranchi RIMS, a copy of which has also been received by the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi. It has become clear in the post-mortem report that Ankita was burnt with highly inflammable material. Due to the burn, pus accumulated on the layer of the body and due to which the parts of Ankita’s body also gradually left, due to which she lost her life.

Forensic investigation of Bisra will be done in SFSL

During the post-mortem, Bisra has been safely removed from Ankita’s body and kept in Ranchi RIMS, which will be forensic examination. It has been mentioned in the post-mortem report that if the police does not take the said Bisra to the State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) within three months, the RIMS management will execute it. Till now Dumka Police has not taken the said Bisra to SFSL. Not only this, during the post-mortem, different slides of swabs were made from Ankita’s organs, which are to be pathologically examined. The report on the point of physical relationship will come from the pathological investigation, which will be available to the police.

No point in the report on the relationship in the past

Many pictures of Ankita are viral on internet media these days, on the basis of which it is being claimed that Ankita has been friends with Shahrukh in the past. However, in the post-mortem report given by RIMS to Dumka police, no point has been given on the point of having a relationship in the past. However, a swab slide was made during the post-mortem to report whether Ankita had also experienced any sexual abuse on the day of the incident, which would be subject to pathological examination.

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