Jharkhand: BJP’s Seema Patra, Who Forced House Help to Lick Urine for 8 Years, Arrested for Torture

On Wednesday, the Jharkhand Police detained suspended BJP politician Seema Patra on suspicion of abusing Sunita, a 29-year-old tribal helper. For years, Patra, the ex-IAS officer’s wife, has had a charge filed against her at the Argora police station for torturing a domestic worker.

However, after being detained, the suspended BJP leader asserted her innocence and dubbed the accusations as “politically motivated.”

The victim was allegedly held hostage by Seema Patra for a number of years in her home in Ranchi’s affluent Ashok Nagar neighbourhood. After a video of a woman named Sunita recounting her suffering went popular on social media and calls for Patra’s arrest were made, the BJP banned Patra.

The Ranchi Police had removed the woman from Patra’s home last week after receiving a report from a government worker, and on Tuesday a magistrate took her statement.

Sunita allegedly endured years of torture during which she was beaten with a hot pan and iron rods and had to lick the pee off the floor, resulting in scores of damage to her body.

Sunita was found unable to stand by herself because she had been imprisoned in a chamber without food or water, her teeth having also been shattered with an iron rod.

The Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Ranchi is now caring for Sunita.

A day after Governor Ramesh Bais questioned DGP Neeraj Sinha about why no action had been taken against the suspended BJP leader, she was detained.

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