After Pakistan, now China has abstained from NSA meet

After Pakistan- Afghanistan News: After Pakistan refusal last week, China also refused to attend the meeting to be held in Delhi on November 10 in Kabul. However, Russia, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are expected to attend the meeting. Prior to the meeting, Ajit Doval met with NSAs in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The NSA meeting of these countries will be held under the leadership of India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

After Pakistan China declined to attend the meeting, saying it will continue to communicate and discuss through bilateral diplomatic meetings. According to sources, during the meeting, a strategy will be mapped out on the regional security framework so that the situation arising from the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, in particular the challenges of terrorism, radicalization, production and drug trafficking, weapons left behind by the United States and its allies can be dealt with.

At the Delhi meeting, Rear Admirals Ali Shamkhani (Iran), Nikolai P Patrushev (Russia), Karim Massimov (Kazakhstan), Marat Mukanovich Imankulov (Kyrgyzstan), Nasrulo Rahmatzon Mahmudzoda (Tajikistan), Charimirat Kakalyevich Amavistan (Turkmenavistan), ) and Viktor Makhmv (Turkmenistan) and Viktor Makhmudov (Kyrgyzstan) Uzbekistan) will be included.

Senior security officials can meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Some delegates may also visit Amritsar and Agra. The Foreign Ministry said that “high-level talks will examine the security situation in the region resulting from recent developments in Afghanistan.”

The Foreign Ministry said: “India has traditionally enjoyed close and friendly relations with the Afghan people and called for a unified international response to address the security and humanitarian challenges facing Afghanistan. The next meeting is a step in that direction. “

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