Students CLASS 10 to 12 in Delhi can now visit schools for admission, practical work

The Delhi government Sunday allowed students of class 10 to 12 to visit schools from Monday for work related to admission and practical activities for board exam.

The Delhi government on Sunday allowed students in grades 10 to 12 to visit schools from Monday for admission-related work and practical activities for the board exam, and also said the check-up camps health facilities located on school campuses can resume.

By an order issued on Sunday evening, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) also authorized the opening of weekly markets throughout the city from Monday with an endorsement that vendors and visitors must follow appropriate behavior to Covid.

The DDMA, however, clarified that schools, coaching centers and colleges will remain closed for teaching purposes.

“Pupils in grades 10 to 12 in the city are allowed to visit their schools from August 9 (Monday) for admission-related work including advice, guidance and practical activities for the board exam. .

“Health checks and referral services located in or conducted from schools can resume. Children of any age can visit these centers accompanied by their parents or guardians,” the DDMA ordinance said.

He said the Education Directorate will issue appropriate guidelines regarding these permitted activities to ensure COVID-19 protocols are followed and children’s safety is ensured.

The government said last month that auditoriums and meeting rooms in schools and educational institutions could be used for training and meeting purposes with 50% occupancy.

Schools in the nation’s capital were closed in March last year before a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Schools were partially reopened for grades 9 to 12 in January of this year, but were closed again in April due to the aggressive second wave of COVID-19.

The DDMA ordinance also stated: “All weekly markets are permitted subject to strict adherence to government-issued guidelines. No unauthorized weekly markets are permitted to operate.”

The order added that weekly roadside markets will not be allowed.

Weekly markets were closed after a lockdown was imposed on Delhi on April 19 due to an increase in cases during the second wave of Covid.

Later, in mid-June, a weekly market in each municipal area was allowed to open in strict accordance with appropriate Covid behavior and official guidelines.

According to rough estimates, there are approximately 2,700 weekly markets that open on designated days in 12 of the municipal areas, Delhi Cantonment and New Delhi City Council. About four lakhs of people depend on them for a living, sellers say.

“In the event that a DDMA field agent finds that appropriate COVID behavior or prescribed SOPs and guidelines are not followed in a weekly market, that market will be closed by the district magistrate and the deputy zone commissioner of the relevant municipal body without any loss of time, therefore in order to avoid and completely prevent any upsurge and likelihood of a next wave in Delhi.

“The RT-PCR tests of the sellers or customers of the weekly markets must be carried out randomly by the concerned MD on a regular basis. In the event of a positive test report, action should be taken in accordance with the protocol prescribed by the health department regarding quarantine, contact tracing and treatment, etc. Said the DDMA ordinance.

The order by DDMA will be in effect until August 23.

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