Baisakhi 2021: Date, history, significance, significance and celebrations Baisakhi or Vaisakhi 2021

Apart from the Punjab, it is popularly celebrated in other countries as well. In Haryana, the popular Baisakhi Fair is set

Date: Baisakhi 2021 Date: This year, Baisakhi falls on April 14, 2021.Baisakhi 2021 Date: Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi, is a Punjab harvest festival, a celebration of all religions. This year, it will be April 14th.
Apart from the harvest, the Day of the Builders has religious significance as well. On March 30, 1699, in Vaisakhi, Gugu Gobind Singh founded Khalsa, a pure Sikh community. Also known as Vaisakha Sankranti, marks the beginning of the new Solar year, based on the Hindu calendar Vikram Samvat.
On Baisakhi Day, Gugu Govind Singh asked the people to give their lives for Gugu and the King. Soon, five people volunteered and later became known as Panj Piaras.

Read also | Congratulations to Baisakhi’s new start on these simple, nutty recipesThe Sikhs make the point of visiting the gurudwara on the day of the Isakhi. People wear elaborate, colorful costumes, and in the evenings, people perform the Bangra (traditional Punjabi dance). The performance of Nagar Kirtans is also performed, which is nothing but singing from the Holy Book.
Apart from Punjab, it is widely celebrated in other provinces. In Haryana, the popular Baisakhi Fair is set.

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