Delhi Vaccination: Record vaccination took place in Delhi

Delhi Vaccination- Party MP Aam Aadmi Atishi said youth vaccination is also necessary because after the lockdown opens, young people have to leave their homes. You have to work to take care of the family.
New Delhi: A vaccination record was recorded in the country’s capital on June 24. In Delhi, the highest dose of vaccine was given to 1 lakh 56,000,636 people on June 24. The peculiarity is that more than 1.25 lakh of the doses were administered to the youngsters. Giving information on immunization data, Party MP Aam Aadmi Atishi said that so far a total of 69 lakh 54,000 942 people have been vaccinated in Delhi and 16 lakh 45,000 396 people have received both doses .

According to vaccination data, Delhi has the highest number of vaccinations so far on June 24. More than 1.5 lakh of vaccine doses have been installed in Delhi. On June 24, 1 lakh 56 thousand 636 people who were vaccinated. Among them, 1 lakh 26,000 460 people from the first dose and 2,449 from the second dose are included in the youth group. Party MP Aam Aadmi Atishi said that whenever the vaccine is available to young people in Delhi, the speed of vaccination increases in the same way. For this reason, we have repeatedly asked the central government for a vaccine for young people in the past two months. When the vaccine is available to young people, young people in Delhi are enthusiastically getting vaccinated. It not only protects itself but also protects all of Delhi from the pandemic.

How much vaccine stock in Delhi
Vaccination data already feel the first dose of vaccine to 53 million 9 thousand 546 people in Delhi. Of these, 16 lakh 45,000,396 people received both doses. A total of 8 lakh 80,000 doses of vaccine are currently available in Delhi, of which 1 lakh 20,000 co-vaccines and 7 lakh 60,000 doses of Kovishield are in stock.

Atishi said the second dose of Covaccine has not yet been delivered, so the speed of application is a bit slower. Currently 13 days stock is available for the second dose of Covaccine and 5 days for Covishield. The list of all vaccination centers in Delhi is available on the Delhi Fights Corona app. People can get vaccinated without an appointment by visiting the Covin app and directly at the center. Delhi Vaccination…..

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