PM Modi- India is aware of the climate change challenges

PM Modi took part in a program organized on World Environment Day. The theme of the program was ‘Promoting Biofuels for a Better Environment’. This time, he introduced the E-100 pilot project.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi today unveiled the E100 pilot project in a program organized on World Environment Day through a video conference. He also presented the report of the Committee on Ethanol Blending Applications in India for the year 2020-25.

PM Modi said today at the World Environment Day event, India has taken another big step. A detailed guide to the development of the ethanol sector was recently issued. An outstanding E-100 pilot project related to the production and distribution of ethanol nationwide has also been launched in Pune.
PM Modi also said, ‘India is also aware of the challenges it faces due to climate change and is working hard. Ethanol has now become a staple in India’s 21st century. Focusing on ethanol has a positive impact on the environment and the health of farmers. Today we have decided to meet the target of 20 percent ethanol for fuel blending by 2025. Our renewable energy potential has grown by more than 250% in 6-7 years. India today is in the top 5 regions of the world in terms of renewable energy. In this case too, solar energy has been increased about 15 times in the last six years.

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