Effect of CBSE Class 12 Exam Postponement: Change in LSAT Exam Dates, Exam to be held online from home

In response to the postponement of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 exams, LSAC Global has announced the hosting of LSAT India 2021 for several days and vacancies starting on May 29.

“Due to the uncertainty of the Board Examination Day, which will not be announced until June 1, LSAC Global has seen fit that those who wish to attend law schools should hold their registration arrangements. Most importantly, the change of date ensures students that the tests will not run on parallel days, giving students the opportunity to adequately prepare for both exams,” said LSAC – the examining body on official notice.

LSAT India was held in March also. Yusuf Abdul-Kareem, LSAC vice-president, said, “Because our tests are done online and at home, LSAT – India has many advantages. Therefore, we can give aspirants the opportunity to focus on a single exam that will enable them to demonstrate their true ability in higher education without having to worry about other tests. ”

LSAT India will be held online where remote remote proctoring will be set up as an anti-cheating measure. The decision to do home tests was taken last year because of COVID-19.

The registration period for LSAT India is extended to May 14. More than 5000 students have registered for LSAT – India by 2021.

LSAT India is used by many top colleges in India as an entry test to gain access to their legal systems.

To help students prepare for the exam, LSAC Global has introduced the LSAC LawPrepsm – a digital learning platform for students to prepare for competitive entrance exams. LSAC LawPrepsm incorporates practice tests that provide students with a complete LSAT India test day experience and help them become familiar with the digital interface.

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