P Chidambaram On Mamata Banerjee’s Letter To PM

P Chidambaram-New Delhi: it’s Because of the opposition parties in the neck, the setting changes to the government’s policy of vaccines greatly comments on the Supreme court, the Court of last week, the Congress leader P. Chidambaram has now made it back to his post, criticise the statement made by the Prime minister, Narendra Modi, as in the past, the Central has allowed US to get the vaccine, because the united states needed to do so.
The most important point was that the central government will learn from their mistakes. They have made two cardinal mistakes, and make an effort to correct the mistake, but it’s usually a scam, and an arm and a leg, the prime minister, accusing the opposition of the mistakes that he has made, ” Mr Chidambarama told news agency ANI

No-one but no-one said that the Centre will be buying a record. And he (the prime minister) is now accusing the Us of governments, said: “they wanted to get the vaccine, so we gave them a chance.” Please let us know, and neither KM nor the government of the state, it is required in order to be allowed to purchase the vaccine, ” he said.

Just after published, as a letter has appeared on social media, in Bengal, Prime minister Mamata Banerjee, former union minister in the open, nothing else is stated.

P Chidambaram-“I said to the SLAVE,’ tell those of us in the state government, require that there shall be allowed to directly purchase vaccines’, ‘ social-media activists posted a copy of the e-mail of the KM in the west to the Prime minister with the request. I didn’t change anything. I’m completely stable, ” on twitter.
On Monday, Prime minister Modi announced a national appeal to the city Centre will be offering free vaccines to all people in the age group from 18 to 21 of June, bring it back to the vaccination of the controls from the united states to repeal the policy, which came into force on the 1st of May. He also said that a vaccine movement has been a de-centralised, that the state court. “A lot of states require the decentralization of the vaccination,” he said.

In a letter dated the 24th of February, ” said Mr Chidambaram would be to withdraw the application, Mamata Banerjee said that It will decide to work independently to produce a vaccine.

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