Special conversation! Anu Aggarwal: If I had only to make movies, I would have done so 10 years ago and signed international projects 20 years ago

Anu Aggarwal’s first film ‘Aashiqui’ was a super hit. The actor had many fans waiting to take him autograph. After that film, the actor made his presence heard in films like ‘Khalnayika’, ‘Inkosi Uncle’, ‘Janm Kundli’. He has also been awarded Hollywood and Southern designs.

While some worked for him, others did not, but he persevered until the accident in 1999 when he fell into a coma. After coming out of a coma, he never went back to Bollywood, instead becoming a yogi and a writer. In 2015, Anu wrote an article called Anusual: The Remembrance of the Girl Who Returned from the Dead, in which she documented her journey to become a dangerous model for an actor who was not shy about her life beyond films.

Recently, the actor re-released his audio book.
In a special interview to tell everyone about ETimes, Anu Aggarwal opens with films, fame, and the tragedy of a tragedy that changed her outlook on life. Excerpts from an interview …

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How did you get into acting?
We started shooting ‘Aashiqui’ in January and my mind changed when I started acting. I didn’t want to go back to modeling. My life changed in the past
After the success of your film, how did you manage the fame?

After the success of ‘Aashiqui’, the kind of attention and love I received from people was beyond my control. I was alone in the city as my parents lived in Delhi. When I went out for a swim or dinner, fans would come and get my autograph; people used to stand outside my house to see me.

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