Government links unlocking districts to low positivity rate

Government- NEW DELHI: Although Covid-19 cases are declining and June may see a slight infection, the opening should be slow and patient, accompanied by an increase in vaccinations, the government said, setting guidelines aimed at keeping the disease at bay.
The institute has suggested that continuous district openings, drop-in cases and testing needs to be increased by three objectives – a seven-day screening test of less than 5%, more than 70% vaccination for seniors and over 45 together. and public ownership of Covid-19 appropriate care and conduct.
“We are on the right track due to testing and impact at the district level. However, this is not a sustainable solution. We need to find a way to reduce our exposure and closure and that should be done very slowly, ”said DG Council of Indian Research (ICMR) Dr Balram Bhargava. Officials stressed that India has enough power to strengthen the vaccine in the next few months.
Government-Measures such as screening, contact tracking, the construction of small containers and public response to wearing masks, exercise and the provision of medical care should be maintained without compromise, they said.
“From whatever we know about the possible conditions presented by celebrities, we know that this (Covid-19 cases) will go down. June will be much better, stable but the concern is where we open up about how we are behaving because the virus is not gone, ”said Niti Aayog (health) member Dr VK Paul.
“The opening should be done very carefully under the direction of the vaccine for vulnerable groups … Be patient. In mid-July or early August, we will have more than enough doses to vaccinate our loved ones a day.
India currently offers a total of 21.83 crore doses until Tuesday 7pm. This includes more than 17 crore people receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, while 4.36 crore people are covered with all doses of anti-Covid jabs. With increased vaccine production in the next few months, the government is planning a major expansion of the vaccine program after July.
The government has also warned that without adequate measures, the virus could be reversed by opening and removing the restrictions imposed after the outbreak of Covid-19 cases during the second wave. “With great difficulty and sacrifice, we have been able to reduce the epidemic. This is because we have suppressed the virus. This did not happen automatically. To think that we will return to the first phase and things will remain the same is not true, ”said Dr Paul.
Covid-19 daily cases dropped dramatically after touching more than 4.14 lakh cases on May 6. On Monday, about 1.27 lakh new cases were registered nationwide, and the current cases stand at 19 lakh cases.

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