Found Covid-19? Don’t Forget To Change Tongue Cleaner, Tooth Bursh Post Recovery

Covid: Bacterial survival improves the recurrence of potential germs in the oral cavity or the spread of other people when cleaning devices are stored together or shared, according to a reserver in a peer-reviewed journal.

New Delhi: The second wave of coronavirus sweeps the earth like a tsunami as the number of diseases increases daily, and there is little respiration. Even those who have recovered from the virus are more likely to become infected, and the drugs have given a brilliant glimmer of hope to prevent infection but are also not deceptive.

In a changing environment as the virus mutates and new symptoms have appeared in the second wave, it is important that we take all precautionary measures including those who have been infected and those who have recently recovered.

Those who have recently recovered from an infection should remember to change their toothbrush as a rule of thumb. The idea of ​​replacing a toothbrush may not have come to you at first but it is very important because there is always infection and it protects family members who use the same laundry.

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As per the doctor’s advice quoted in an India Today report, it is important to get a new toothbrush, to clean the tongue among other things as the virus can thrive on such things, which is why it is best to dispose of such items.

And a report on research on the topic oral hygienic practices and possible transmission of COVID-19 among roommates, in the BMC oral Health magazine noted, “After use, cleaning machines become contaminated and, if not sterile, can become a repository of germs [ 9] (including bacteria, germs and fungi) retain their function for most of the day, ranging from 24HRS to 7 days. Beat survival promotes the recurrence of potential germs in the oral cavity or the spread of other people when cleaning equipment is stored together or shared.

While one expert recommends patients choose a new toothbrush and tongue cleaner after recovering from the common cold, cough and cold. One of the doctors in the report recommends changing toothbrush and tongue cleansing after 20 days of initial symptoms. This is because the bacterium / virus that may have grown well in the toothbrush can cause high respiratory infections.

Covid-19 patients are instructed to use mouthwash and betadine gargle regularly to help control the formation of germs / viruses in the mouth. If there is no mouthwash, one can wash the mouth with warm salt water.

Also, brushing twice a day is well known as it helps maintain our oral hygiene. The importance of hygiene and changing the toothbrush and tongue cleaning after Covid-19 recovery is best understood when we know how SARS-CoV-2 spreads.

According to the World Health Organization, the virus is usually spread through tiny droplets that come out of the infected person’s mouth when he coughs, sneezes, shouts, talks or laughs etc.

You can become infected by touching infected areas, and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth without washing their hands. Therefore, make sure that after your recovery from the disease you choose the wrong toothbrush and anything related to your hygiene.

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