Emerging Trends In Education

Emerging Trends In Education

As it is said that change is the only constant, the Education System also abides by this rule. A lot of changes have taken place in this sector, where the focus has been expanded to overall curriculum rather than being narrowed down to a single criterion. In other words, we can say that the education system has transformed to being dynamic from being stereotyped.

Such changes have definitely proven to be fruitful for a student as he gets a wider exposure to other fields as well instead of being restricted to the bookish knowledge. This further facilitates in building the overall personality of a person in the long run.

Some of the latest trends that emerged in the Education Sector

More personalised way of learning

With the introduction of modern educational system, or we can say the technological education system, students are able to connect with their learning journey more easily as compared to the traditional classroom scenario where most of the students lagged behind due to a slower grasping power as compared to their peers. This personalised way of learning has contributed to the self confidence of the students.

Track your performance

As technology has taken over the responsibilities of manual handling of data, tracking the performance of students has become much easier. A student can easily track his performance on the apps or platforms he has been learning on. This helps the student to understand where he needs to work harder and where he is doing well.

More focus on Vocational Learning

With the introduction of New Education Policy 2020, a lot of emphasis has been laid on vocational based learning and techniques. People with skill based knowledge are being preferred to just being academically well. This shift from theoretical to practical aspect has compelled the students to focus on soft and hard skills along with their academics. Unlike the traditional times where people pursued careers only in honours and other professional courses, a lot of students are now opting the path of film making, photography and other such courses.

Virtual is the new normal

As Covid – 19 pandemic hit the globe, education sector is one such sector that has turned upside down. The focus has been completely shifted to virtual classrooms from traditional classrooms. Recorded lectures, soft copy notes, online tests and online projects have become the latest terminologies in the education trend. This virtual feature comes with a benefit where the classrooms or the lectures are accessible to a student anytime, anywhere.

Project Learning has become a must

Gone are the days when students just had to submit an assignment to get done with their degrees. With the emerging trends in education, it has almost become mandatory for every student to indulge in project work that would help to inculcate project management skills in them which are elementary to get into job field.

Extra Curriculars being the emerging trend

With so many new trends taking place in the sector, we’ve witnessed a surge in the number of extra curriculars that have covered a major portion the lives of students. From photography clubs to debating societies, dancing classes to music fests, the current education sector makes sure to develop the interests of students in any of these extra curriculars as well.

Wellness programmes to take charge of the students’ mental health

This era has finally recognized that mental health is as important as physical health. Therefore, a lot of sessions are being conducted by the schools itself that provide a platform for the students to talk about their anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues. This initiative has resulted in making a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for the students where they can share what and how they feel about certain things. This has not only educated the students community about the mental health issues, but also encouraged them to take care of their mental health, just like they do for their physical health.

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