Importance Of Motivation In An Organization

Importance Of Motivation In An Organization

Cordial work culture is one of the most important factors that is important in an organization. Be it motivation or healthy relationship with the colleagues, every aspect plays an important role in the work atmosphere of an organization.

Out of the number of factors, the most important factor is Motivation that drives the energy of the employees to become even more effective and efficient in his area of specialization. This blog considers the significance of motivation among the employees in any organization.

Importance of Motivation in any organization

Enhances the productivity of the employees:

An employee without motivation will never be able to perform well at his workplace that will eventually hamper the performance of the organization. As it is rightly said that Human Resource is the most important resource of any organization. Therefore, for the Human Resource to be at his ‘best level’, motivation plays a vital role.

It is also found that employees who get recognition for their work, who get rewarded for their better performance are likely to climb the stairs of success that will eventually prove to be fruitful for the organization as well.

Helps to build innovative ideas

When an employee ultimately receives the incentives for the good work that he does in the company, not only does it create a higher productivity, but also invites a lot of innovative ideas that become the source of successful results, thereby transforming the performance of the organization from good to better to eventually being the best.

Low levels of Employee Turnover

A happy environment lowers the level of employee turnover that increases the credibility of an organization which makes it a suitable place for the employees to stay productive at their workplace.

The goodwill of a company definitely gets declined when the statistics show a high level of employee turnover. This ultimately sends a signal that something is wrong with the work culture of the organization. Therefore, financial as well as non – financial incentives act as a motivator for the employees to stay loyal to their organization.

Lower absenteeism

When the employees are motivated in an organization, they feel happy to come to their workplace on a regular basis that diminishes the level of absenteeism in any organization.

Lower absenteeism helps to maintain the smooth flow of work that simultaneously turns out to be fruitful for any organization. Higher motivation leads to commitment and honesty among the workforce as it creates a sense of contentment among the employees.

Welcome change 

It is well known that business environment is highly dynamic, therefore change is the only constant that drives the growth of any organization.

A motivated workforce will always be welcoming for any kind of change in the organization and will adapt themselves to the changes.

In an organization where the employees are demotivated and do not feel energetic to keep up to their work, it becomes creates a hindrance in the working due to the reluctant nature of the employees.

Therefore, a highly motivated manpower acts as a boon to any organization.

Achieve organizational goals

When employees are motivated, they try their level best to accomplish the organizational goals within the time frame.

They will not only be interested to increase their personal growth, but will always be prompt to achieve the organizational goals as well.

Helps to create a positive attitude among the employees

There are times when employees turn negative towards the organization for some reasons or the other.

At that time, the best thing a good team leader can do is to use the tools of motivation that will transform the attitude of the employees towards the organization.

These were some of the important aspects that motivation brings along with it in any organization. Motivation can be both financial and non – financial like financial incentives, recognition, rewards, promotions, increments and a lot more.

These motivational techniques will always prove to be an asset for any organization that will contribute to the reputation and goodwill of the company.

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