St Stephen’s released UG cutoff; at 99.5% Economy (H) highest

St. Stephen’s College (DU )on Friday released the cut-off for ten undergraduate courses with the highest cut-off set for the Economics (Honours) course at 99.5% for students with commerce and humanities stream. Applicants from the science stream need to have a score of 98.75% to get admission to the course.

St. Stephen’s College University of Delhi on Friday released the threshold for ten undergraduate courses, with the highest threshold set for the Economics (Honors) course at 99.5% for students in the major streams. commerce and human sciences. Candidates in the scientific stream must have a score of 98.75% to be admitted to the course.

Also last year, the college saw its highest threshold for economics (with distinction) at 99.25%

This year, the college increased the course threshold with a marginal increase of 0.25 percentage point for business students. Like last year, applicants for admission in economics (with distinction) must achieve a score of 95% or higher in mathematics.

The college has also set a threshold of 99% for History (Honors), English (Honors), and the Bachelor’s degree program for students with a background in business and science. For students in the humanities, the threshold in these subjects is 98.25%, 98.7% and 97.75% respectively. Also last year, business students needed 99% in all three subjects.

With around 220,000 students scoring 90% and above in the CBSE Class 12 results this year and 70,000 of them scoring around 95% or more, several principals and stakeholders said UG thresholds were likely to rise. soaring this year.

St. Stephen’s College, however, only increased the threshold slightly in a few subjects while keeping it the same or lowering it slightly from last year.

At 97.66%, the threshold for the BSc Physics (Hons) has not been increased this year. For chemicals (Hons), the thresholds are maintained at 96.33%, a marginal decrease compared to 96.67% last year. For Mathematics (Hons), applicants from science and business must score 98.5% – a marginal increase of 0.50 percentage point from last year – and applicants from the humanities must score 98% to be admitted – registering a 1.5 percentage point jump from last year.

The threshold for philosophy (with distinction) is set at 98%, 98.75% and 97% for business, humanities and science students, respectively, similar to last year. Also for the BA program, the thresholds were set at 99% for students from business and science streams, while it dropped to 97.75% for students from human streams. Last year, applicants from the humanities had to score 98%.

The lowest cutoff range, like last year, is for Sanskrit (Hons) at 69% – a drop of one percentage point from last year.

St Stephen’s offers around 450 places in 11 undergraduate courses, including a BA (Hons) in English, History, Economics, Philosophy, Sanskrit, BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, among others.

As a religious minority institute, St Stephen’s College has its own admissions process and reserves 50% of places for Christian students. After publishing the thresholds for its undergraduate courses, the college conducts tests and interviews, which together have a weighting of 15 points. The remaining 85 marks are decided on the candidates’ performance in their class 12 exams. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the college will be conducting interviews online and the schedule will be announced in the coming days.

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