Congress is celebrating leader’s birthday as ‘Service Day’

Congress- Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said he will not be celebrating his birthday. State congressional committees today will distribute rations, medical kits, masks and disinfectants to those in need.
New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi turned 51 today. Rahul has decided not to celebrate his birthday this year in view of the situation due to the Corona outbreak. He called on party workers not to organize any kind of celebration for his birthday on June 19. Do not put up signs or posters, but use the resources available with you to help those in need.

Organization Secretary General KC Venugopal wrote a letter to the state congressional committees, various party organizations and made them aware of this sentiment of Rahul Gandhi. The party told state congressional committees that they would distribute rations, medical kits, masks and disinfectants to those in need on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday. At the same time, the Indian Youth Congress said it will help those affected by the crown on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday, provide a ration for the needy and help ordinary people get vaccinated.

NSUI and IYC will organize a free waxing camp
For Rahul Gandhi’s birthday, the National Student Union of India and the Indian Youth Congress are planning to organize a free Kovid vaccination campaign for people in their office. NSUI National President Neeraj Kundan said that “our leader Rahul ji thinks that instead of spreading the virus, we should get vaccinated so that the virus does not spread. Rahul ji said vaccination is the best possible way to protect people amid the pandemic.

NSUI National Secretary Lokesh Chugh said the vaccination camp would start in his office on Saturday morning. NSUI workers will help people register on the Kovin site and get vaccinated for free. Likewise, IYC will conduct vaccination campaigns across the country for the elderly, daily workers and frontline workers who have not been vaccinated.

IYC media official Rahul Rao said that on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday, we planned to distribute ration kits, disinfectants and face masks among people across the country. Vaccination camps will also be organized in many places across the country for the elderly, day laborers, frontline workers. If people are not registered on Covin, IYC workers will help people register.

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