Only second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at community centers in Mumbai on September 4: BMC

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has said that only the second COVID-19 vaccine will be given to eligible beneficiaries in public and state-run community-based institutions on September 4.

In a statement, the public body said that after a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Mumbai, a special transport session was scheduled for their second volume.

“Therefore, the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is given to anyone (in public facilities) on Saturday (Sep 4),” BMC said.

Over the past two days, Mumbai has reported more than 400 daily cases.

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Since January 16, during the launch of the national vaccination campaign, more than 95,62,080 COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed in Mumbai. Of these, 69,63,200 beneficiaries were given the first dose, and 25,98,880 people received the second shot as well.

Explaining the reason for holding a special session of the second dose, the public body said the number of completely vaccinated beneficiaries was small compared to those who received the first shot.

Currently, the number of COVID-19 cases daily indicates an increase and experts have predicted a third wave of the epidemic, according to BMC.

In this domain, it is necessary to complete the vaccination of older citizens and beneficiaries who are waiting for their second dose should take advantage of the session, he added.

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