Advantages Of Micro Credentials For Engineering And Management Students

Advantages Of Micro Credentials For Engineering And Management Students

Being just a degree holder will not fetch you a good profile job during this era when a lot of emphasis is being given on skill driven knowledge. That is where the MicroCredentials hold significance as these credentials flash lights upon specific skill set as these credentials provide a proper certification. Apart from being authentic, these certifications are certainly feasible to do for everyone due to its short term tenure and feasible online courses that will make you equipped with the apt skills which will act as a credential in your resume, thereby increasing the probability of your being shortlisted.

Benefits of Micro Credentials:

Helps you to polish your skills

These short term credentials definitely help you to get an edge over your skills as they are specifically designed to focus on a particular field.

Acts as a blessing for both students and professionals

The courses offered herein include both soft and hard skills that eventually turn out to be a boon for both the engineering and management students as it facilitates upskilling in the domains that are job specific. Soft Skills courses include time management, presentation skills, team management, leadership skills, e-mail etiquette. While, hard skills are practical driven skills that focus on providing courses on digital marketing, coding, front – end web development,, social media management and a lot more.

Get yourself awarded with a digital badge

Post the completion of your online course, you will be awarded with a digital badge that you may share with the recruiters or on your resume that will surely help you to shine amongst the vast pool of applicants.

Get equipped with assignments

As you start with your MicroCredential, you will not only attend the lectures and webinars, but you will also get a lot of assignments that will make sure that you understand the concepts and the skills to the core, thereby making you proficient enough in the field you are working in.

Get certification from National/ International Institutions

Getting a certification from a recognized National or International University is no longer a big deal. It is rather everyone’s cup of tea as you get the benefit of attending the modules from anywhere and everywhere, as per your convenience and preference.

No age constraint

As it is said that learning has no age, this platform provides the opportunity for you irrespective of whichever age category you fall in. It doesn’t matter whether you are 16 or 60, you can just take up a course anytime if you wish so.

Microcredentials advantages for Engineering Students

An addition to your existing skills: Since Engineering in itself is a skill that provides sufficient practical knowledge in any field, getting yourself enrolled in any of the microcredentials will definitely add on to your theoretical skills, that will make you understand the practical aspect of the chapters that you studied in your book.

Hard Skills are the attention spot: Since you belong to the engineering field, hard skills are what should be your source of attraction. These hard skills will make you focus on your front end and back end development, coding and all such IT domains that are your major source of concern.

Micro Credentials advantages for Management Students

Helps you to groom your learning: MicroCredentials facilitates the employees to personalise their learning. These skills are designed in such a manner that fulfill the requirements of the 21st century, therefore making you fully job specific.

Soft Skills become your partner: Being in Management field, the most important thing is to do well in Soft Skills. From processing leadership skills to delivering commendable communication skills, these Micro Credentials definitely add cherry on the cake when you add it to your resume.

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