The latest news on the reopening of schools: will schools open from July 1? Know what the preparations are in other states including Delhi-UP-Bihar

The Latest news from the reopening of schools: The second wave of the corona has been curbed in the country and most states have now moved towards unlocking. The immunization program is in full swing in the states and the corona curfew has been lifted in more and more states. In such a situation, students and parents want to know when schools will open? Let us tell you that the second wave of the corona outbreak is unfolding in the country and the third wave is told in full. Due to this threat, apart from the CBSE and ICSC councils in the country, many other state councils have also canceled the 10th and 12th exams. In such a situation, confusion persists as to the opening of the school. Let us know what the governments of UP, Bihar, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh are saying about opening school colleges.

Will schools open in Uttar Pradesh from July 1?

The UP government had closed all schools until June 30 amid rising cases of corona infection. In such a situation, the question is whether schools will open in Uttar Pradesh from July 1? Even if schools reopen, will it be compulsory for children to attend? Will children be allowed to go to school voluntarily after obtaining parental permission like last time? Responding to all these questions, PN Singh, the head of the state’s education department, told the media that schools in the state can open from July 1, but children will not be called to. school now. Yes, teachers can be called to the school. These teachers can play their part in determining the results of the examinations of the 10th and 12th committees. However, no order came from the government regarding the opening of the school. Schools were closed until June 30 on government orders and will only open on their orders.

If schools and colleges will open in Delhi, know what CM Kejriwal said

CM Arvind Kejriwal has decided to keep all educational institutions closed for the time being during the press conference. In light of the possible third wave of coronavirus for student safety, state governments are further promoting online courses. Previously, the plan to open schools included cleanliness and social distancing, but later there were discussions about using schools for the vaccination campaign. Delhi schools briefly resumed offline classes for grades 10 and 12 in January and on a voluntary basis, while for grades 9 and 11, schools reopened in February. However, it was closed again after seeing the increase in coronavirus cases.

When will schools and colleges open in Bihar? The Minister of Education gave this answer

If the situation of improving corona infection remains the same, then from next month, educational institutions in Bihar will open their doors. Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that while the corona infection situation continues to improve, the state government and the education department are in favor of opening the educational institutions. State educational institutions closed from April 5 will gradually open. Higher education institutions will be opened first. Then Upper Secondary and Secondary. After that, the colleges will be open and finally the primary schools will be open. The education minister said educational institutions across the state are closed for more than a year without a break. This negatively affects the academic career and the learning ability of children. Therefore, the government and the ministry want if the situation improves, educational institutions will open in July.

Schools will remain closed in Haryana until June 30, online classes will start from tomorrow

The Haryana government has extended holidays for children in all schools in the state until June 30. Online education for children will start on June 16. Education Minister Kanwar Pal said all public and private schools will remain closed for children for an additional 15 days. The Children’s Online Education Calendar has been released. As a result, teachers will teach children from Wednesday. Schools will only be open when the situation is completely normal. Don’t rush into any decisions. The corona threat is not yet completely ruled out. Health experts have also feared the third wave, so you have to be careful.

When will schools for grades 1 to 12 open in Madhya Pradesh

After the rate of corona infection decreased, the process of admission to private schools in Madhya Pradesh began. In such a situation, there is speculation that schools from Class I to XII will soon be opened in the state. In this regard, the Minister of School Education, Inder Singh Parmar, said that the situation regarding the opening of schools was not yet clear. A decision in this regard will be taken at a later date. In such a situation, the third crown wave is said to be about to happen. This will put the children in great danger. Therefore, schools will not be open until after the third wave. Also, first of all, the schools will only be open from the large classes that are to say from 9 to 12

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