When CBSE assesses category XII in internal assessment

The X Boards 2021 class exams results set an example of internal assessment. But scholars suggest that the Board should weigh the pros and cons

In view of the second wave of Covid, experts have called for the need to plan another exam and the cancellation of the CBSE class XII Boards 2021, keeping student safety in mind. Earlier, the CBSE had stated that the XII 2021 class boards would be reviewed in the first week of June. With the release of the CBSE X-rated policy document that lists internal assessment based on periodic, semi-annual and pre-study tests, the need to evaluate XII board students with the same parameters is strongly emphasized.

Sanyam Bhardwaj, head of examinations (CBSE), while speaking to the Education Times, said it was too early to comment on class XII boards as CBSE is currently working on class X results. the same can’t stand, he adds.

Expressing doubts about the feasibility of the trial, principal Rashmi Raj Biswal, principal of DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, New Delhi, said, “With one in five families affected by Covid, their chances of appearing on the boards appear to be disappointing. ”

Those looking for boards, he says, are “under a lot of mental turmoil” and have a variety of ways to postpone testing. “’Late starters’ can benefit if the test is rescheduled as it will give them a chance to do well in the finals. But canceling the trial can deprive them of that opportunity. Even students who have worked hard to prepare for the boards may feel disappointed with the program. ”

Internal assessment methods in such a situation are suitable for students who work hard throughout the year and refresh themselves according to the progress of the class, Biswal said. “But since most of the periodic tests were online with high questions, many students did very well. There were others who went through technology and measures to promote the school, taking the wrong paths. When pre-internet boards went offline, there was a serious fall in performance. The board may need to consider these factors when deciding on a trial, ”he added.

Archana Vishwanath, director, Jain Heritage School, Bangalore, emphasizes the need for online boards. “The CBSE may consider conducting online board tests and standardized tests and sample exam papers can be done online to give students a test experience.”
Vishwanath is also open to the idea of ​​suspending exams, as he says, “Given the current epidemic and concerns about the health and safety of teachers and students, it would be wise to cancel board exams and eliminate the stress and ambiguity associated with this situation. He recommends regular counseling for class XII students to stay motivated “as they know their boards are an essential foundation for successful work”.

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