Kailash Vijayvargiya Says ‘wait at least 10’ as TMC includes lead in Bengal

Kailash Vijayvargiya also spoke about how much BJP covered the world compared to the 2016 vote, confirming that the swing seats will also play a role.

BJP national secretary general Kailash Vijayvargiya on Sunday expressed confidence in his party’s performance in the West21 West Bengal by-elections in 2021, dispelling past practices that have given a narrow margin to TMC.

“According to the first 4 rounds, TMC is ahead but before 10 rounds we can’t be sure. In Bengal, the practice has been that one team can be ahead for a while, and then suddenly another take over. We have to wait for 10 rounds. Some said we can’t touch even 100 but once that is over, we can touch a magic number too, “Kailash Vijayvarigya told RepublicTV.

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The BJP leader also spoke on the basis that the saffron party was able to record it compared to the 2016 vote, ensuring that the swing seats would also play a role as the counting progressed.

“We only won this election, we didn’t lose anything. In the last election, we had 3 seats, today we have more than 100 officials. There are many pockets, where we will continue, only 3-4 rounds have happened. There are more than 32 rounds in some areas, we have to wait “I hope we will touch the magic number. There are also 30-40 seats – which are the turning chairs where we can also proceed to the next round of counting,” said Kailash Vijayvargiya.

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West Bengal Election Result 2021As the outgoing voters predicted that there would be a fierce battle between the TMC and the BJP at the 294-seat meeting in West Bengal, the old ways had ensured a close rivalry between the two sides.

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