Uttar Pradesh Govt makes license compulsory to sell tobacco in the state

Lucknow: It is now mandatory for tobacco vendors in Uttar Pradesh to take a license. The government made this decision keeping in mind the growing tobacco problem and the danger it poses to public health and also ensuring the effective enforcement of the rules and policies applicable to tobacco control.

According to the government spokesperson, the Union Department of Health and Family Welfare had sent an advisory letter to all state governments recommending licensing of tobacco vendors to the municipality. In view of this, this system has been implemented in UP.

According to the Global Adult Smoking Survey conducted by the Indian Government’s Union Department of Health and Family Welfare, 35.5% of adults (15 years and older) in Uttar Pradesh consume tobacco in one form or another.

The total direct and indirect cost of diseases caused by tobacco use is Rs 182,000 crore, or about 1.8 percent of the country’s GDP.

It was also decided that under the new system traders selling tobacco products will not be able to sell products other than tobacco such as caramel, candy, crisps, cookies, soft drinks. This was done to prevent children from being attracted to tobacco products.

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