Will there be a split in the UP before parliamentary elections, know the truth of the viral message of becoming Purvanchal and Bundelkhand

Political unrest is escalating in the UP these days. All parties have started preparations for parliamentary elections. The series of meetings is proceeding quickly at the BJP. Discussion of changes in government and organization also gained momentum in the midst of the continuing meeting. Amidst all of this, the news of UP’s score went viral on social media. Some claim that Purvanchal and Bundelkhand will be separated before the legislative elections in 2022.

The Uttar Pradesh Department of Information has denied that this post has gone viral. During a fact-check, the Department of Public Information tweeted that news of the Uttar Pradesh fork was viral on social media platforms. The apprehensions aroused by the bifurcation of Uttar Pradesh are unfounded. Appropriate action will be taken against those who disseminate misleading information on social media platforms.

There is also a discussion of the change in UP:

Visit of the Secretary General of the First National Organization, BL Santosh, to Lucknow, followed by a meeting with the Governor, Radha Mohan Singh, Head of State. After that, the incident of CM Yogi going to Delhi and meeting PM Modi, Amit Shah and JP Nadda reinforced the rumors. However, the BJP has clarified that it will not make any changes to UP.

The work of some to make a splash: Siddharth Nath Singh
State government spokesman and cabinet minister Siddharthnath Singh said that so far some people are creating a sensation of political topicality. It misleads the public. He said various discussions were underway on social media regarding the post of chief minister. They say that such news can only attract attention for a while, they have no age. He said it’s not good for society. Those who do this must know that no one will remember them by it.

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