Two people died due to lightning in Siwan

Two people died- Sisai Tola Murarpur incident from Goreyakothi Police Station area, body sent for autopsy.
The disaster amount will be paid to the family of the victim, with the family mourning the bad condition.
Siwan: Many areas of Bihar receive heavy rains due to the monsoon. The weather service has already issued an alert saying there is a possibility of heavy rain and thunderstorms in the state. On Tuesday evening, two people died in Siwan due to a thunderstorm caused by heavy rains. This accident happened while working in the field.

Two people died- The incident is from Sisai Tola Murarpur from the Goreyakothi Police Station area. Brijkishore Prasad and Soman Choudhary had both gone to the field to dump the debris when this accident occurred. Both were badly burned by lightning. He was taken to Sadar Hospital for treatment, where doctors pronounced him dead.

After the incident, the poor state of the family crying

Here, after this incident, the family members are in poor condition. At the same time, the body was sent for autopsy. Brijkishore Prasad and Soman Chaudhary were residents of Sisai village. Goreyakothi commander Vikas Kumar Singh said information about the incident had been passed to the district disaster manager. The amount of the claim will soon be made available to the victim’s family.

Bihar weather service alert

It should be noted that due to the rain in Siwan over the past two days, the water level of the rivers has also increased significantly. Along with this, the weather service issued an alert due to the possibility of heavy rain. Thunderstorms are also expected to fall with the rain.

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