Three constables beat up Additional SP in Bhopal

Three constables- Due to a minor dispute, three soldiers together beat an extra SP in Bhopal. Additional SP Dial 100 is displayed in the branch of the head office workshop.

Bhopal: In Bhopal, Three constables fought fiercely with an additional SP. Additional SPs are posted in the Workshop branch of Dial 100 headquarters. The additional SP was returning from somewhere late at night with his wife, two of the three officers are District Police officers. While there is an SAF soldier in the 25th battalion.

The reason for the dispute is that the car collided at the intersection of the depot to remove the barricades. TT Nagar Police Station registered an FIR in the name of the additional SP BM Shakya against the three officers in the accident and assault sections.

According to Additional SP Zone One Ankit Jaiswal, Vinod Parashar is stationed in traffic among the two gendarmes who attacked. While Anil Jat is in suspension. The third constable Awadhesh Chaudhary is the constable of the 25th SAF Battalion.

The three gendarmes are friends with each other. Agent Vinod Parashar was going alive sick, to which Anil and Awadhesh would go together. Meanwhile, the car of the Supplementary SP BM Shakya collided with the soldiers’ car to remove the barricades at the intersection of the depot.

The gendarme and the additional SP were in civilian clothes. Gradually the conflict escalated and the soldiers fought fiercely with the additional SP BM Shakya until the three agents learned that BM Shakya was the additional SP.

The three gendarmes fled. Sections in which the police have registered an FIR in the name of ASP BM Shakya. They say she’s on bail. These three soldiers will be released on bail by the police station itself.

For information here, let’s say that a year and a half ago, Constable Anil Jat was stationed in the Kaim branch, he had pointed a pistol at the Bhadbhada bridge for hitting a car on a couple driving a car and the ‘had also beaten up. Then Anil Jat was hung up and tied to the line.

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