There is doubt on the antibodies made against Covid-19

There is doubt- Americans are undergoing antibody tests to verify the accuracy of the vaccine, but U.S. regulatory agencies have issued a warning about it. The regulator says there is no proof of the veracity of this test. Either way, there is no need for an antibody test after taking the vaccine.

The whole world is illuminated by the ravages of Corona. In such a situation, the corona protocol and the vaccine are by far the most effective way to prevent it. This is why the vaccination campaign is stepping up to beat Corona around the world. The pace of vaccination in America is very fast. So far, more than 50 percent of people have taken at least one dose of the vaccine. An antibody test is done to check the effectiveness of the vaccine or its effectiveness. But the results of this test report are shocking. When Mark Field from New York took his antibody test during a routine exam, he was very surprised after the report result. Field’s doctor said that according to the results of the test report, the immune response to the vaccine in Field’s body was very weak.

Suspecting the test report to be in error

the field had taken both doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. He was disappointed with the result. Now he is unable to figure out whether or not to get the vaccine again. Should they wear two masks each during the pandemic? Or was the antibody test itself wrong? There is no unanimity in America on all of these things. Although U.S. regulatory agencies warn people not to perform antibody tests to test the vaccine’s effectiveness, many companies argue that the effect of the vaccine can be accurately (There is doubt)detected by performing the test. While regulatory agencies say this test makes no sense because no vaccine claims 100% accuracy. So the test report itself may be wrong. Or whoever did this test doesn’t actually have antibodies.

Warning not to perform antibody test
There is doubt-Experts say there is no need to panic on the ground. Because the vaccine checked by the regulator is fully effective. However, even the best vaccine in the world is not 100% effective. Taking advantage of this, the testing companies are making their market shine. For those who want to know the accuracy of the vaccine, these companies offer antibody tests. However, the antibody test was not given any priority anywhere in the world except in the beginning. Therefore, US regulatory agencies warn against performing antibody tests for vaccine accuracy.

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