Should CBSE & CISCE Reduce Syllabus Again This Year? Schools Stand Divided

CBSE & CISCE: Now, with the new course session being held in digital mode too, do students need a cut-out syllabus this year as well?

Just as the schools began to open in a class-oriented manner, the second wave of COVID-19 forced management to continue with online classes. The 2020 study session was held in terms of the numbers that led to the loss of teaching hours. As a result, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has reduced the syllabus for classes 9 to 12 in the 2020-21 academic year by 30 percent. Some state boards quickly followed this suite. Now, with the new course session being held in digital mode too, do students need a cut-out syllabus this year as well?

Many teachers and students have been demanding “syllabus” to reduce stress, their main concern being to ensure that there are no study spaces.

Charu Wahi, the principal of Nirmal Bhartia School, who also participates in the CBSE, believes that “careful observation and reflection” “can reduce students’ stress and anxiety during exams”, however, he stressed the need to cover learning spaces.

“Although cutting the syllabus can be seen as reducing stress for students, covering all the important topics and teaching the key skills is necessary to ensure a good understanding of the basic concepts. The loss of learning last year was significant enough and students and teachers must do everything in their power to ensure that learning spaces are identified and addressed, “Wahi said.

Better Prepared for Online Classes With a year on the internet, schools now feel they are better prepared to complete the online syllabus.

“In the last session, the CBSE syllabus reduction came in the wake of an unprecedented epidemic, and a sudden switch to long-distance learning methods. In the current 2021-22 era, however, the entire student-teacher community is better focused on distance learning. Therefore, the reduction of the syllabus seems unnecessary at the moment, “said Sangeeta Hajela, Principal of DPS Kbpsapuram in partnership with CBSE.

He adds that it is too early to think about reducing the syllabus and not thinking about it later in the year as it could leave study space, which is far from desirable.

Echoing the same sentiments, Rajat Goel, director of MRG School, Rohini said, “Many schools have become very familiar with online mode. Both students and teachers understand online mode functionality. Schools have created effective programs. We therefore do not see the need to reduce the syllabus.”

Syllabus Requirements Will Be Improved

In addition to the syllabus, some educators believe the need to change the syllabus and make it more adaptable to the current situation.

Dr Sunita Gandhi, founder of the Global Education and Training Institute (GETI), and City Montessori School which follows both CISCE and CAIE courses said improving the syllabus would be a better step than reducing it.

“We need to add project-based learning to provide practical information, if we are to improve the syllabus. Also worth noting is how we prepare for the new generation of community service life. We must encourage high school students to teach those who are illiterate and this program should come from educational institutions. “Our curriculum requires strong and long-term change without the addition of a few additions,” he suggests.

Although the syllabus has been reduced for the 2021 board exams, the tests will still be held due to the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. CBSE postponed Class 12 exams and canceled Class 10 exams in 2021. CISCE, CAIE, IB and the country have also postponed, rescheduled or canceled board exams this year as well. Students have been demanding the suspension of 12th grade exams.

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