Russian vaccine will be available to the general public

Russian vaccine- Sputnik-V: Amid the second wave of the deadly corona virus in the country, the Russian corona vaccine will soon start receiving people from Sputnik V. Indraprastha Apollo hospital in the capital Delhi on Sunday became the city’s first hospital in administering Sputnik V. Until now, this vaccine was only given to employees of Dr. Reddy’s laboratories. But on Sunday, 170 members of the Apollo Hospital were vaccinated.

The vaccine will be available to the general public from June 20

Apollo Hospital said this vaccine will be made available to the general public from June 20. Reddy Laboratories also owns the Apollo hospital chain. Currently, 500 doses of the vaccine have arrived at the hospital and more are expected soon.

The vaccine will cost Rs 1145

According to the latest central government pricing rules, the Sputnik V vaccine will cost Rs 1,145, which will include hospital fees and taxes. Previously, the cost of a vaccine dose at Apollo Hospital was Rs 1,250. However, the company said the cost of the dose would be reduced later.

Vaccination will also be carried out at Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital

Besides Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, by the end of this week the Sputnik V vaccine will also be available to people at Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital. To obtain the Sputnik V vaccine, you must first register on the Kovin portal, then reserve the time slot for the vaccine.

Deepak Sapra was the first to get vaccinated

Sputnik V has been approved for emergency use in the country and the Russian vaccine is being used as a pilot project from May 17. Dr Reddy’s laboratories in India manufacture the Sputnik V vaccine. This vaccine is being prepared at the company’s factories in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. This vaccine was administered for the first time in the country to Deepak Sapra, Global Head of Personalized Pharmaceutical Service at Dr. Reddy Laboratories.

This vaccine was first developed by the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. It was approved in Russia on August 11. This vaccine is currently administered in 67 countries around the world. However, it has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an emergency vaccine. According to the report, Sputnik V is over 90% effective.

The vaccine will be manufactured by five pharmaceutical companies

Dr Reddy’s labs in India requested approval for emergency use of the vaccine in February. After that, it got approval from the Indian drug regulator in April. The vaccine will be manufactured by five pharmaceutical companies nationwide, which produce more than 850 million doses per year.

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