Record 4205 infected deaths in 24 hours in India

Coronavirus cases in India Today: Record 4205 infected deaths The total number of corona patients in India has reached about 2.5 crores. Among them, more than 37 lakh patients are still infected. The fastest cases in the world are increasing daily in India.
Corona damage in the country is not over yet. Every day the death toll is rising at an alarming rate. The virus has killed more than 2.5 lakh people so far. According to the latest data released by the Department of Health, in the last 24 hours, 348,421 new cases have been received and 4205 infected people have lost their lives. However, 3,55,338 people also found it in Corona. This is the highest number of deaths per day. Earlier on May 7, 4187 people were infected. Record 4205 infected deaths.
As of May 11, 17 crore 52 lakh 35 thousand 991 corona doses given nationwide. 24 lakh 46 of the 674 thousand drugs were given the day before. At one time, about 30.75 crore tests were performed. The previous day, 19.83 lakh corona samples were tested, with a concentration of more than 17 percent.
Corona’s recent state of affairs in the world today-

Total Corona Case – 2 crore 33 lakh 40,000 938
Total extraction – one crore 93 lakh 82 is 642 thousand
Number of active cases – 37 lakh 4 thousand 99
Total death – 2 lakh 54 thousand 197
The mortality rate for corona in the country is 1.09 percent and the recovery rate is less than 83 percent. The active case was reduced to more than 16 percent. India is second in the world in the Corona Active Case. India also ranks second in terms of the number of infected people. While India has the highest number of deaths in the world after the USA, Brazil and Mexico.
Less than two thousand new cases for the second day in a row Record 4205 infected deaths.
In Mumbai Kovid-19 in the Maharashtra capital Mumbai continues to decline and on Tuesday, 1,717 new cases of infection were reported, with 51 patients dying during the period. Following the arrival of new cases, the number of infected people in Mumbai increased to 6,79,986, while the number of casualties so far from the epidemic rose to 13,942.

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