No jeans, T-shirts’: CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

No jeans-In a new order the new CBI Director, Subodh Kumar Jaiswal has instructed all officials of the organization to wear formal at work, warning them that casual dress will not be allowed.

While all male employees must wear trousers, shirts combined with formal shoes with appropriate shaving, female employees shall wear suits, sarees, formal shirts and trousers, in accordance with an order issued by the Deputy Director of Management. “No jean, T-shirts, sports shoes, hats and casual clothing are not allowed in the office,” the order said. The order was issued after noticing that some staff members were “well dressed” in the offices.
CBI officials have to dress appropriately but recently, some have begun to wear uniforms in offices overseen by the director. No jeans.
Subodh Kumar Jaiswal has taken over as the 31st director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), a position that has been vacant since February.

A 58-year-old Maharashtra cadre Indian Police Service (IPS) has joined forces at the 11th floor office of the CBI headquarters in a matter of serious concern over the Covid epidemic, a day after the order was issued by his staff of the Service. You will have a fixed term of two years as head of the CBI. The former DGP of Maharashtra, Jaiswal, reportedly sought out officials last year after a dispute with the ruling Maharashtra government Vikas Agadi in the country over the transfer of police.

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