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Israel provides third-line Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to at-risk adults

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Israel said on Sunday it would start by handing over to a person with a weakened immune system a gun to protect the gun from being given but we are still looking at whether a third gun should be given to the public.

Delta’s rapid spread of diversification has sent a vaccine back to Israel as new infections have risen last month from one digit to about 450 per day, and the country has moved to accelerate its next deployment of Pfizer.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said for immediate action, adults with poor immune systems who have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine could receive a booster shot, with a decision pending widespread distribution.

Pfizer and his partner BioNTech SE, a leading provider of Israeli rapid vaccine launches in December, said on Thursday they would ask US and European regulators within weeks to approve booster shots.

The two companies mentioned an increased risk of infection after six months seeking permission for a third shot.
Drawing criticism from some scientists and officials, the companies did not share details of the danger, but said they would soon be made public.

“We are looking into the matter and do not yet have a final response,” Horowitz said, speaking on Canadian community radio, about the encouragement of the Israeli people.

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“In any case now we are shooting for the third time in people with a defective immune system … This is for example people with transplants or suffering from a health condition that causes a weakened immune system.”

About half of the 46 patients currently in hospital in Israel are in critical condition being vaccinated, according to health department data. Israeli coronavirus coordinator Nachman Ash said on Wednesday that most of them came from high-risk groups, over 60 years of age and with previous health problems.

Horowitz said separately, the health department would close the gap to provide Pfizer with continuous dosage for two adult doses through Moderna Inc drugs already in stock.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a speech to his cabinet on Sunday that he had agreed with Pfizer to submit the next delivery of prices by August 1. The goods were expected to arrive in September.

There was no immediate response from Pfizer for comment.

The Israelis hope the early delivery will result in more young people being vaccinated before the start of the school year in September.

Under the regulations of the health department, Israeli youth can receive Pfizer shots but not currently manufactured by Moderna.
Israel almost controlled Pfizer shots on about 60% of its 9.3 million people. But a staggering 700,000 doses due to expiration at the end of July were shipped to South Korea, as the recent fall in vaccination rates are likely to deteriorate.

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Under the exchange agreement, Seoul will return the same number of shorts, which have already been ordered from Pfizer, in September and October.

“We have Moderna vaccines and adults who want to be vaccinated can do this from this morning, or maybe tomorrow, with Moderna vaccines,” Horowitz said.

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