World Gold Council, GJEPC ink agreement to promote gold jewelry in India

The World Gold Council and the Gems and Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) have signed an agreement to promote gold jewelry in India this year, according to a statement.

Under the terms of the agreement, both partners will jointly support a media marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness, value and acceptance of gold jewelry for Indian consumers, especially millennials and the new generation, GJEPC said in a statement on Monday. .

Quoting the report, he said that although young women are consumers who work with gold jewelry, their intention to buy in the future may be higher.

This is especially true in urban areas and can only be achieved if the gold jewelry trade could focus on consumers’ desire to express fame and prestige, the council said.

“These findings present an opportunity for the gold industry to work together to make the gold jewelry more relevant and up-to-date, which has led to the transformation that will result.

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Somasundaram PR, India’s Chief Executive Officer, World Gold Council, said the two bodies would work together to promote the universal message of gold in human life while placing Indian handmade jewelry in a modern setting.

Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC, said the aim was to develop a continuous model of industry-led initiatives to promote the growth of gold jewelry in the market and to drive consumption in India.

“I believe that, while there is a renewed desire for handmade gold jewelry, we need creative solutions to match the feelings of women’s beauty of the time,” Shah said.

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