Pakistan’s economic condition worsens!

Pakistan’s economic- According to the recent ruling of Imran Khan’s government, many major highways and airports are to be mortgaged as part of the fundraising exercise through the Islamic bond Sukuk.
New Delhi: The health of the Pakistani economy is deteriorating more and more. Alam is that the Pakistani government now also has to mortgage its roads and airports. In this episode, Imran’s government decided to take out loans in lieu of more than half a dozen properties related to public transportation.

According to reports in Pakistani media citing Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, the funds will be raised through sukuk bonds which favor Islamic banking. In this episode, the Islamabad highway, the Islamabad Peshawar highway and the Islamabad Lahore and Multan airports will be mortgaged.

Sukuk bonds will be open to domestic and international investors. However, this is not the first time that money has been raised on debt through Sukuk Bonds in Pakistan. In November 2017, Pakistan raised $ 2.5 billion through bonds, of which $ 1 billion was deposited through sukuk bonds issued for a period of five years.

Pakistan’s economic- In addition, the Pakistani government is believed to be raising funds through bonds to fill the budget deficit. Sukuk is actually a sharia-compliant loan scheme in which the income from debt is considered halal, while the money collected through it is also used for halal purposes.

In predominantly Muslim countries, sukuk bonds are becoming an easy means of credit. Recently, Saudi Arabia’s oil company Aramco announced the issuance of dollar-denominated sukuk bonds. Pakistan’s economic…..

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