IIT Entrance Exam: Candidates Who Missed the JEE Advanced 2020 Can Take This Year

In this year’s IIT entrance exam, JEE advanced 2021, candidates of the previous batch, who had registered for the exam but had missed it, have also been allowed to sit.

In this year’s IIT Entrance Exam, JEE Advance 2021, applicants from the previous promotion, who had registered for the exam but failed it, were also allowed to sit.

Check eligibility for advanced JEE 2021

“As a special case for the advanced JEE 2021, candidates who successfully registered for the JEE (advanced) 2020 but were absent from the two tests, that is to say test 1 and test 2, of JEE (advanced) 2020 are eligible to appear for JEE (advanced) 2021, ”reads the information leaflet published by IIT Kharagpur on September 3.

“In addition, these applicants would be considered in addition to and not as part of the total number of applicants who would qualify for JEE (Main) 2021 to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2021. This is a single measure valid only for JEE (Advanced) 2021 ”, adds the information brochure.

These candidates must re-register for the Advanced JEE 2021.

Registration for the Advanced JEE 2021 will begin on September 11.

The exam is scheduled for October 3.

Now, applicants are eagerly awaiting the 2021 main JEE answer key, which is the advanced JEE screening test.

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