Home Delivery Of Liquor From Today In Delhi!

Home Delivery-According to the published notification, starting today, sellers will be able to apply for a home liquor delivery license. However, people will not be able to order alcohol yet.
New Delhi: Vendors will be able to apply for a license from today to allow home alcohol delivery in Delhi. The Delhi government has implemented a revised policy regarding the delivery of alcohol. According to excise (amendment) 2021 rules, from today L-13 license holders will be allowed to deliver alcohol to customers’ doorsteps.

In the published notification, it was said that license holders will only be able to deliver alcohol to homes through a mobile app or an online web portal. No deliveries will be made to the hostel, office or institute. The announcement was made by the Delhi government on June 1 after changing the excise rules governing the alcohol trade in the nation’s capital. Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Jharkhand and Odisha are among the states where house delivery of alcohol is permitted.

What is the rule
Under the new rule, it was stated in the notification issued by the Delhi government that “delivery of alcohol will not be made to any hostel, office or institution, only house delivery will be made”. Licensees cannot sell alcohol to anyone on their premises for consumption.

The government clarified that under the new excise rules, home alcohol delivery was allowed in Delhi through mobile apps and portals. However, this does not mean that liquor stores will be allowed to deliver alcohol across Delhi. Only L-13 permit holders will be allowed to make delivery and not all liquor stores in the city.

Delhi 2010 excise policy also contained provisions for home delivery of alcohol, but requests could also be made by email or fax. But there has never been a home alcohol delivery in Delhi. According to sources linked to the Delhi government, when the lockdown was opened in May 2020, there were huge crowds at liquor stores. This has also been observed in other states. About which the Supreme Court had also expressed concern and said states should consider home delivery of alcohol given the crown and distance to the body.

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