Happy Birthday Ilaiyaraaja: When a brilliant composer talks about choosing old songs for new songs

Ilaiyaraaja revealed that Kamal cited Haasan as an example of Naan Paarthathilae of the 1966 MGR film Anbe Vaa while outlining the musical success of Apoorva Sagodharargal.
Ilaiyaraaja celebrates his 78th birthday today.

Famous music legend Ilaiyaraaja celebrates his 78th birthday on Wednesday. In a decorated work spanning more than forty years, Ilaiyaraaja had composed many songs. And you could read many essays analyzing and analyzing his musical notes. However, did you know that Ilaiyaraaja was a postmodernist scholar? He believes that there is nothing new in art, which is the basis of the artistic system of thought known as postmodernism.

Ilaiyaraaja has released a thousand songs and the last thing you can think of is to suggest songs by other composers. “It will happen in the work of all composers,” Ilaiyaraaja said.
He also explained, “Kamal Haasan, while performing with Apoorva Sagodharargal, gave me the status and I composed a song for that. However, he was not satisfied with it. He told me that the tune was good but it was not what he expected. Puthu Maappillaikku. I kept recording the song even before I showed it to Kamal. And when he heard it, he enjoyed the song. “

Apoorva Sagodharargal came out in 1989, playing the role of Kamal Haasan in a double role. And Puthu Maappillaikku’s song appears in the film where a young Kamal character falls in love with a girl. “I changed a little bit in the first song. However, no one could find it. Composing music is very similar to the work of a sangoma, ”he said.

Ilaiyaraaja said that like magicians, sometimes, even musicians have to release a dove from a mango. “We all know that humans cannot create a dove. But, at least for one moment, we fall into that trap. Similarly, I believe that even music is some kind of deception. And those who can cheat a lot are famous in this country. And I am not without it, including Balasubrahmanyam. Because he composes songs and is also influenced by many composers, ”he added.

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The popular love song, Naan Paarthathilae, was sung by renowned composer M. S. Viswanathan.
You know, Ilaiyaraaja did not take MSV songs and used them as they are. He took the pieces and pieces of the song that inspired him to do something new and unusual by adding dolls with his ingenuity, personality, and art. He was inspired, and he worked to the point of being his own. And that’s the line that separates inspiration from cheating, the wisdom that cheats.

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One can only wonder what other ancient songs of Ilaiyaraaja, which were inspired by the works of other composers.

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