Why did Pinky Bua leave The Kapil Sharma Show?  After years, Upasana Singh herself opened the secret


  • Upasana Singh opened the secret
  • Why did you leave Kapil’s show?
  • Said – I was getting money but…

The Kapil Sharma Show: ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has been keeping its place in the hearts of people for years. Initially, people liked the show because of a strange family being depicted in it, in which Upasana Singh , who played the character of the unmarried Pinky Bua, was very much liked by the people. Suddenly Upasana Singh left the show. After which no one could fulfill the lack of aunt till date. Now years later, Upasana Singh himself has revealed the reason for leaving the show. 

Left the show not because of money, because of this  

When Upasana Singh left the show, people said that she left the show because of money. But now Upasana has replied that the reason for her leaving the show was not money. In a recent interview, Upasana told that she was getting a lot of money from this show but not satisfaction and at a time, satisfaction becomes more important than money. She was getting bored playing the same character, she was not enjoying it. 

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Also discussed with the producer

It is not that Upasana had not told anyone about this problem. Upasana had also told the producers in this regard that she should be given a challenging role. Upasana told that she had told Kapil that it is not fun to give something that is different. I told Kapil while leaving the show to call me for the show only when something interesting happens to me.

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