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2-3% Children Who Get Infected With Covid-19

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2-3% Children- NITI Aayog (Health) member Dr. V.K. Paul said on Tuesday that Covid-19 in children is usually non-invasive and does not require hospitalization, adding changes to epidemiological or viral behavior, however, it can change the condition and increase the risk of infection.

Noting that Covid-19 for children is “getting our attention”, Dr. Paul informed that there will be no infrastructure and infrastructure required for infected children.
“There has never been an undue burden placed on child care infrastructure so far. However, it is possible that 2% – 3% of infected children may need to be hospitalized, ”he told reporters in the national capital during a Covid-19 forum in the country.

Acknowledging that Covid-19 in 2-3% children can take two forms, Dr. Paul said “in one form, symptoms such as infection, cough, flu and pneumonia are possible, followed in some cases by hospitalization”.

Speaking about the second case, he said a small percentage of children may – after two to six weeks of receiving Covid may be weak – show symptoms such as fever, rash and conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis, respiratory problems, diarrhea, vomiting and other openness.

“It may not always be as preventable as pneumonia that affects the lungs. It spreads to different parts of the body. This is called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. This is a post-Covid sign. During this time, the virus will not be detected in the body and RT-PCR tests will also find you free of it. But an antibody test will show that the baby is infected with Covid, ”he added.

Explaining that the National Expert Group was set up to review Covid-19 infections in children and deal with the epidemic in a renewed way to strengthen national preparedness, Dr Paul said the group tested symptoms, which were not available four to five months earlier.

“It also looked at available information, health information, country information, disease status, viral load and epidemic and came up with guidelines, which will be released to the public soon,” he added.

A member of NITI Aayog (Health) went on to say: “While reviewing scientific advances in the area, the Group is set to look at a new situation.”

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