Nusrat Jahan Reject The Pictures With Husband Nikhil Jain, And When He Claims To Be A “Bad Marriage”

Nusrat Jahan away the images of his wife, Nikhil Jain, shortly after learning that his marriage was null and void. Take a look at his photos.

After that, he claimed, his possessions, such as family jewels, and other assets that were ” illegal move. She also claimed that she is “the funds were improperly transferred” to a different bank account without her knowledge.

They are a husband and wife split up, this is a photo from the wedding, the wedding, and they are now gone. In a detailed statement, Nusrat said, “Being in a foreign land, mostly of Turkish marriage, the charter of the marriage is null and void.

In addition, it was the result of inter-religious marriage, the proof of a marriage under the marriage act of India, which is not the case. To the court of justice, for this, a marriage, a relationship, or the relationship with the city.

Thus, the question of divorce does not arise. Our break-up happened a long time ago, but I was talking about in order to keep the private life of the mind, it is not the time.

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Therefore, my actions should not be questioned, by the conclusion of a valid separation”, the press, or anyone that I do not belong. Probably, the marriage wasn’t legal, safe, and long-lasting, and, therefore, it is not, at all, to have a marriage in the eyes of the law.”

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