Google Photos Get Storage Management Tool Before Unlimited Final Draft

Google Photo has introduced a new storage management tool that will help users take full advantage of their 15GB free backup quota that goes into effect on June 1.

Google has previously provided unlimited backup of ‘High’ quality images – 16-megapixel – expired June 1 All free Google accounts will now have a 15GB storage limit that will be shared on all Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail. Google Photos will now show you the rate at which you are likely to run out of free storage. Additionally, Google has renamed the ‘Top’ storage option to remove any confusion about policy changes. These updates should be visible to all users soon.

Upcoming features of Google Photos were announced in a post on its blog. Google will not support unlimited free storage of high quality photos or videos with Google Photo from June 1.

The blog states that users will only be allowed 15GB of free storage through their free Google accounts to back up their data including photos and videos via Photos. -Google. All photos and videos backed up to ‘High’ quality before June 1, 2021 will not be limited to 15GB of storage which comes into effect weekly.

Alternatively, any photos or videos backed up with ‘O Original’ quality will be calculated according to quota.

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The new Google Photos Storage Management Tool can help users who do not want to sign up for Google One membership with additional storage. The tool will show users the photos and videos they may want to delete – such as blurry images, screenshots, and large videos.

Without the tool, users will now be shown limitations on when they can expire in their 15GB free storage limit. To view the remaining storage and how long it will take, go to while signed in to your Google Account. Google will also remind users when they are close to the limit with notification in the app and email.

“If you do not see the limit, you may not have uploaded too many photos and videos to Google Photos, you may be close to your storage limit (making it difficult to predict how many months your remaining storage will last) or your account may be provided for work, school, family or another group, ”the blog goes on to explain.

To clear up any confusion about the new storage policy, the ‘Top’ storage option in Google Photos – formerly allowing users to back up unlimited photos and videos with compressed quality for free – has now been renamed ‘Storage Saver’. Google says the name change will not affect its performance as users can choose high quality or real quality while backing up photos and videos.

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