Good news for Tata Motors customers!

News for Tata Motors customers – A curfew has been imposed in many provinces of the country to end the Corona epidemic, due to customers not being able to use their free service. As a result, the company has announced an extension of the free service and warranty.
Amidst the corona epidemic in the country, where bad news is being heard from all sides, Tata Motors has given good news to its customers. Tata’s customers whose free service date was between April 1 and May 30. All will now be able to access their free train service on June 30. Those who are unable to access the service until May 30, will now be able to access the service on June 30 for free. news for Tata Motors customers.

There is no benefit in this situation
, according to Tata Motors, that the mileage for customers to drive a passenger car has been completed under conditions where they will not benefit from this escalated day. According to the company, due to the lock, the movement of vehicles is not performed. Customers are therefore unable to send their trains to the service center. As a result, their vehicles are also neglected.

Extend the day under the policy,
Dimple Mehta, Tata Motors’ Chief Care Care Customer, said that whenever there was time for a free warranty and service, it would be extended according to company policy. We have always been and always will be the support of our customers. For this reason, we extend the warranty and free service by April and May. Tata recently announced that the company has launched a fast-track business plan for customers, retailers and suppliers.

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