Double Olympic medalist pulls out of Tokyo 2020 trials

Double Olympic medalist-Two-time Olympic silver medalist Madeline Groves has withdrawn from Australian swimming trials for the Tokyo Games, citing “misogynistic perverts in the sport”.

Groves, who won silver in the 200-meter butterfly and 4×100 medley at the Rio 2016 Games, announced his decision on Instagram before following up with a furious tirade on Twitter on Thursday.

“Let this serve as a lesson for all the misogynistic perverts of the sport and their bootlickers. You can no longer exploit young women and girls, shame them body or medically enlighten them, then expect them to come to you. represent so you can earn your annual bonus. Time’s UP, “she tweeted.

In December, Groves wrote on social media that she filed a complaint a few years ago against a swimmer who looked at her in a bathing suit and made her uncomfortable.

“I think he first did some personal development to teach him, hopefully, not to look at young women in their gowns (swimsuits), THEN he was promoted,” he said. she writes on Twitter.

She also wrote that a “well-known coach” gave her a “scary comment” and apologized 15 minutes later, “maybe because the team psychiatrist told her.” Double Olympic medalist!

Governing body Swimming Australia said it contacted Groves following his comments in December.

“Swimming Australia contacted Maddie in December 2020 to inquire about a tweet she sent that referred to potential abuse by someone related to swimming,” SA said in a statement.

Maddie declined to provide further information and we have no previous recorded complaints from Maddie.

“All allegations of child abuse or sexual misconduct are taken seriously by Swimming Australia.

“We regard the well-being, safety and well-being of children and young people as paramount, and we have a duty to conduct investigations to uphold the standards of our sport.”

Australia’s Olympic trials begin Saturday in Adelaide. Double Olympic medalist…….

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