Diesel Prices Impact: The effect of rising diesel prices

Diesel Prices Impact- Due to record increases in gasoline and diesel prices, everything from the road to cooking is getting expensive. Gasoline crossed Rs 100 and diesel Rs 90 per liter in more than half of the country. Freight increases due to the increase in the price of oil. Due to which vegetables also become expensive. According to a report, vegetables became 40% more expensive in a month.

In Delhi’s Azadpur mandi, where potatoes were sold for 15 to 20 rupees per kg in the first week of June, they now sell for 25 rupees per kg. The price of tomato, bitter gourd has increased from Rs 30 to Rs 40 now. Onion sold for Rs 30-40 is now selling for Rs 50 per kg. Likewise, the prices of other vegetables like squash, okra, brinjal, peas have also increased.

Increasing the freight rate on fruits and vegetables by 25 percent(Diesel Prices Impact)
directly affects common things due to the rising prices of gasoline and diesel. Food oil, soap, toothpaste, kitchen utensils, everything is getting expensive. Petrol is sold at Rs 100 and diesel at Rs 90 per liter in Delhi today. The price of oil has increased by around Rs 10 per liter over the past two months. Not only that, sanitation, tolls, maintenance, insurance have also increased. Globally, the cost of transportation has increased by around 30 to 35 percent. At the same time, freight increased by 20-25%.

As you may say, diesel represents 65% of the cost of transport. Maintenance, insurance, EMI, etc. represent 20 to 25 percent. In this way, due to the increase in the price of diesel, the cost of transportation increases and then all the goods become expensive.

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