Delhi’s Iconic Ram Leela Maidan Turns Into COVID Care

Delhi’s Iconic Ram Leela Maidan- New Delhi: Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said in a tweet that a 500-ICU temporary dormitory had been established at Delhi’s prestigious Ram Leela Maidan to provide treatment to critically ill Covid patients. The minister also announced that the center was set up in just 15 days. The prime minister visited the center on Friday and said it would be operational from Saturday with 250 beds and the rest would be operational after two days.
“I pay tribute to our doctors, engineers and staff who worked around the clock to win the war and built these 500 beds in the ICU in just 15 days at Ramlila maidan in relation to LNJP Hospital. 250 ICU beds start tomorrow and 250 in the next two days, ”Kejriwal tweeted.
The development comes at a time when the national capital has recorded 8,500 new cases in the last 24 hours, the first time the number has dropped to less than 10,000 since April 10. However, the city’s test rate has dropped to 12 percent.
According to Kejriwal, about 3,000 beds have been opened in the past 10 days as the second wave became easier in the city.
Delhi’s Iconic Ram Leela Maidan- He also mentioned that new oxygen beds were being built, purchasing cylinders, and repairing ICU beds.

A small number of new cases can also be counted in the few documents (68,575) made on Thursday. More than 289 patients have been infected, according to a health report.

“However, the point is that the ICU beds are still full. This means that the number of critically ill patients has not dropped significantly, ”said CM.

“We have been working this way for a long time. About 1,200 more ICU beds will be available today or tomorrow. More oxygen beds can be added and O2 cylinders are being purchased, ”he said.

Delhi reported 10 489 cases on Thursday, 13 287 cases on Wednesday, 12 481 on Tuesday, 12 651 on Monday, 13 336 on Sunday, 17 364 on Saturday, 19 832 last Friday, 19 133 last Thursday, 20,960 last Wednesday and 19 953 last Tuesday.

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