Crocodile walks in the village of Karnataka. Watch a viral video

The crocodile spotted in Karnataka was recused by forest officials and released into a river.

Have you ever seen scary but also fascinating videos? This video involving a crocodile is one of those clips. The clip shows the reptile walking through a village in Karnataka. The video has now gone viral and many are sharing it on different social media platforms.

The video was shared on Twitter by ANI. “A crocodile found walking around the village of Kogilban in Dandeli. Later, forestry officials rescued the crocodile and released it back into the river, ”the caption shared with the video read.

The clip opens to show the crocodile moving quietly down a street. Take a look at the video. Chances are, this will leave you stunned.

With over 11,000 views, the video has gathered nearly 700 likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people. A few also took the route of hilarity while replying. Just like this individual who wrote, “Crocodile be like,” and shared this image:

“Crocodile – Ye kahan aa gaye hum,” joked another. “Dog be like, ‘naah, it’s not the regular lizard. I’m out’,” shared a third.

A few expressed their relief that the animal was rescued and released into the river.

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