Corona will be treated for free in private hospitals of Goa

Corona will be treated- The Goa government has denied that people were dying of oxygen shortages at GMCH Hospital. The provincial government said patient deaths and oxygen shortages could not be linked.
Panaji: The Goa government has denied that patients are dying from oxygen shortages at GMCH. The government has said that both the lack of oxygen and death cannot be combined. In line with this, state CM Pramod Sawant has announced that corona treatment will be provided free of charge at all private hospitals in .

The Goa government has decided to take over the right to employ patients in all 21 state private hospitals that treat coronary infections since May 17. The government has taken this step as a result of various violations. Prime Minister Prodod Sawant said the move would reduce the burden on hospitals such as Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

Significantly, in the past four days, 75 people with the disease treated at GMCH have died, which sounded a warning to management. Explaining the reason for the government’s decision, Sawant said private hospitals do not set aside 50 percent of their total beds available to Covid-19 patients.

The premier said, “There have been many incidents before us in which private hospitals do not provide treatment to Covid-19 patients under the DDSSY (Medical Insurance Scheme of state government).” Patients were found to be charging extra. He said the government would take away the right to hire patients at these hospitals and the management would stay with them.

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