CBSE to SC: Section 12 optional exams can be done between 15 Aug and 15 September

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday filed an additional affidavit before the Supreme Court in which it said the Class 12 board exams would be held smoothly between August 15-September 15. marks, the CBSE board added.

It also told the High Court that the results of the Class 12 board exams would be announced on July 31.

According to the CBSE, the tests will be done by the board only in the core subjects “where and the conditions are consistent with the writing of the exams”.

“However, the marks obtained by the candidate for this exam will be considered final for those who choose to take the test,” CBSE told SC on Monday.

I also say that on the day when the candidates ‘nomination exams are dissatisfied with their examination and policy, the candidates’ candidates will be held at any time between August 15, 2021, to September 15, 2021, subject to approval, “said an affidavit submitted by Sanyam Bhardwaj, examinations director. -CBSE.

The CBSE board further stated that it had submitted a clause stating that a dispute concerning the consolidation of results would be referred to a committee formed by the board.

Alternatively, if candidates are dissatisfied with their results, CBSE will provide an online site for exam registration.

With regard to the candidate for the private or secondary elections, the CBSE said their exams would be conducted in such a way that they would be subject to the examination policy for the 2019-2020 academic year as approved by the high court last year. The results will be announced in accordance with the stated evaluation policy, with the addition of CBSE.

Accordingly, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has stated that it will try to publish the results as soon as possible, depending on the status quo, and the results will be published on July 31, or before July 31, 2021.

CISCE stated that in the event of a student having disputes regarding the marking of the result; may apply in writing to the school concerned, stating the objection in detail and the reasons thereof.

The Head of the School concerned will review the application, and only if he or she is satisfied with the disputes there, will send the same to CISCE and its comments / comments allowing for the objections made to the supporting documents regarding the marking of the marks “, he said.

He added that no application would be approved by CISCE unless it was submitted by the relevant Head of School and submitted to CISCE within seven days of the announcement of results.

“Applications submitted after the expiration of 07 days from the date of the announcement of the results will not be satisfied,” said an affidavit filed by Chief Gerry Arathoon and CISCE secretary.

It said CISCE would review the application, supporting documents and comments / comments of the Head of School and pass its decision to the school concerned, in writing.

“In the event that the results need to be changed, CISCE will notify the Head of the School concerned,” he said, adding that CISCE would properly select an internal committee to work on the dispute resolution.

With regard to developmental assessments, CISCE stated that candidates who are dissatisfied with the testing program will have the opportunity to appear in writing on the topic (s) (or) in the article or more that CISCE will do later.

“Progress testing should begin before September 1, 2021,” CISCE said. The marks obtained by the candidates for the development examination will be considered as their Final Marks, he added.

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