A viral video of Mom describes daughter’s ₹35k Gucci belt as a school belt

A viral video of mom’s reaction to the Gucci belt is making people laugh on Instagram.

Have you ever bought a brand-name item that was really expensive and proudly showed it to your parents, only to have them say that you could have gotten a better version for a much cheaper price? If so, this video posted on Instagram will have you laughing out loud.

Instagram user Chabi Gupta posted this video in which she tells her mom, Anita Gupta, about a Gucci belt she recently purchased. Her reaction to the purchase has gone viral.

The clip is a little over a minute long and begins with the mother inspecting the belt that Chabi bought. She instantly compares it to the uniform belt worn by students of Delhi Public School in Ranchi.

After the hilarious reaction, Chabi informs her mother that the accessory costs ₹35k to which her mother appears evidently shocked and answers that such a belt could have been bought for just ₹150 elsewhere. Chabi can be heard laughing in the background the entire time.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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